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Remote Backup Features
Cloud based platform

Built upon a scalable cloud based platform. Ensuring your data is always backed up, always secure and available 24/7.

Incremental backup

Once a file has been backed up, only the subsequent changes are backed up thereafter. This provides us with the ability to roll back to any version of a file over its lifetime while also ensuring your bandwidth is not unnecessarily used.

Incredibly secure

Military grade encryption ensures your data is Secure even before it leaves your computers. Transmitted and stored in a 448-bit encrypted state.

Fully managed service

From set-up to restoration. Our team constantly monitor your backup status to ensure backups are completed and restored as expected. * not managed service on premium package

Daily email reports

Our system will send you a fully detailed report daily. Even missed, Partial, and failed backups will yield a report for your records.

UK only network

All of our servers are here in the UK, no cheap Euro data storage like most other providers! Your data is stored in multiple locations in the UK only.

Our Backup plans

Premium Backup
Premium Backup
£70.56 / mo inc VAT
  • *Unlimited Offsite Unmanaged Backup for Server
  • *Fair usage policy does apply.
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Exclusive Backup
Exclusive Backup
£103.92 / mo, inc VAT
  • *Unlimited Offsite Managed Backup for Server with certificate
  • Test Restoration of Data on Monthly Basis with certificate
  • *Fair usage policy does apply.
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A simple, secure and fully automated data backup solution for your practice

Gone are the days of checking the consistency of your tapes, the constant removal, and the re-location of portable disk drives. No more heart-stopping, cold sweat-inducing Data disaster moments – ever again.


Around the clock Data Protection for your Dental Practice.

Our Remote Data Backup Service will automatically protect all of your sensitive data. Patient Records, X-ray images, Documents, and more. Ensuring your data is encrypted and securely backed up around the clock without any user intervention.


Set it and forget it. A fully managed service monitored by us.

We take care of everything. Installation, configuration, scheduling, monitoring, reporting, and disaster recovery. It’s all managed by our team of experts, day and night!


Ensure CQC compliance. Daily emailed reports directly to your inbox on all of your devices.

Meet your CQC compliance targets with our automated email reports. Reports are sent daily regardless of status, ensuring you have comprehensive records of your backups.

Still not convinced? Well you should be!
We remain one of the leaders in internet backup solutions for the dental industry and are the only backup provider to back their business based solutions with a 99.9% SLA meaning not only is your data safe but we guarantee it is!

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